Contract packing services

A complete range of manual contract packing services undertaken to your precise specifications

Packing, kitting and hand assembly

Our contract packing services include medical,  retail, gift, and promotional packing, shrink wrapping,  reworking, labeling, sorting, collation, kitting, assembly, refurbishment, returns processing, and QC inspection.

Available for all-year work and seasonal peaks, we can accommodate ongoing and one-off contracts. Our extensive warehouse facilities can securely store raw materials and finished goods ready for order fulfilment, direct mailing or onward distribution.

Our UK Order Fulfilment service can also take care of all ongoing B2C, D2C and eCommerce distribution requirements. 

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contract packing services

Our contract packing services

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If the contract packing service you require is not mentioned above, we may still be able to assist.
Please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.