Contract Packing Services

A complete range of manual contract packing services undertaken to your precise specifications

Packing, kitting and hand assembly

Our contract packing services include medical,  retail, gift, and promotional packing, shrink wrapping,  reworking, labeling, sorting, collation, kitting, assembly, refurbishment, returns processing, and QC inspection.

Available for all-year work and seasonal peaks, we can accommodate ongoing and one-off contracts. Our extensive warehouse facilities can securely store raw materials and finished goods ready for order fulfilment, direct mailing or onward distribution.

Our UK Order Fulfilment division can also take care of all ongoing B2B, B2C and D2C distribution requirements. 

Call us today to find out more about our contract packing services and we’ll be delighted to help in every way we can. You can also visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

contract packing services

Our Contract Packing Services include:

Bagging, boxing & cartoning


We receive containers and palletised stock and package as required. We’ll take care of onward shipping to your  retailers and distribution warehouses. We can also post orders directly to individual consumers.

Labelling & repackaging


If your stock needs to be repackaged or labelled in a new format then we’ll take care of this for you without delay. Contact our sales team today for more information.

Kitting & assembly


We’ll take delivery of all your ‘component parts’ and quickly assemble them into a composite kit, ready for sending to your customers (which we can also do for you).

Shrink wrapping


Protect and enhance the presentation of your boxed products. Using our automatic shrink wrapping machines and high-quality shrink wrap film, we’ll always achieve perfect results.

QC inspections


We can undertake all required quality checks according to your strict specifications. We’ll ensure every product is fit for purpose and ready for sale.

Amazon preparation


We provide a complete product preparation and barcoding service to package goods for onward distribution to all Amazon warehouses.

If the contract packing service you require is not mentioned above, we may still be able to assist.

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.